Borlabs Cookie: The Ultimate GDPR Compliance Tool for Websites

1. Dec 2023


In today’s digital landscape, complying with GDPR and other privacy regulations is paramount for website owners. Borlabs Cookie emerges as a comprehensive solution, offering a seamless blend of functionality and user-friendliness. In this article, we’ll dive into its features, pricing, and why it’s trusted by over 250,000 websites.

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Key Features of Borlabs Cookie


Customizable Cookie Consent Management

Borlabs Cookie’s standout feature is its customizable cookie consent management. Users can tailor the cookie consent interface to match their website’s aesthetics, choosing from over 85 design options. This flexibility ensures a seamless user experience while maintaining legal compliance.


Comprehensive Dashboard and Analytics

The dashboard offers a quick overview and useful statistics, showing the past 10,000 cookie consents. However, it lacks an export function for these statistics, a feature that could enhance data management and analysis capabilities.


Diverse Cookie Categories

Borlabs categorizes cookies into essential, external media, marketing, and statistics groups, aiding in efficient cookie management. This organization helps website owners provide clear choices to their users, enhancing transparency and trust.


Advanced Content and Script Blockers

A critical feature for GDPR compliance, Borlabs Cookie’s content blockers prevent the automatic loading of embedded content from platforms like YouTube and Google Maps, requiring user consent. The script blocker feature adds another layer of data protection, blocking JavaScripts from executing without consent.


Pricing and Subscription Plans

Borlabs Cookie offers a Business plan starting at €99 per year, suitable for up to five websites. This plan includes one year of free updates and support. It’s a cloud-based solution with monthly and yearly subscription options, ensuring flexibility and scalability for various business sizes. There’s also a smaller plan available for only 1 website starting at €39 per year.

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User Reviews and Customer Support

Users have consistently praised Borlabs Cookie for its user-friendly interface and robust customer support. Positive testimonials highlight the software’s effectiveness and the responsive, helpful nature of the support team.


Q: Is Borlabs Cookie easy to integrate with different website platforms?
A: Yes, Borlabs Cookie is designed for easy integration, especially with WordPress, ensuring a hassle-free setup process for website owners.

Q: Can Borlabs Cookie be used on multilingual websites?
A: Absolutely! Borlabs Cookie supports multiple languages, making it an ideal choice for multilingual websites seeking to comply with various regional data protection laws.

Q: Does Borlabs Cookie offer a free trial?
A: As of the latest information, Borlabs Cookie doesn’t explicitly offer a free trial. However, it provides detailed demos and extensive support to help users understand its functionality before purchasing.

Q: How does Borlabs Cookie ensure GDPR compliance?
A: Borlabs Cookie ensures GDPR compliance by providing robust consent management, customizable cookie consent interfaces, and advanced content and script blockers. These features help websites adhere to the strict guidelines of GDPR regarding user data and privacy. Explore Borlabs Cookie for GDPR compliance: A user-friendly, feature-rich consent management tool trusted by over 250,000 websites



Borlabs Cookie stands out as a comprehensive, user-friendly tool for GDPR compliance. Its customizable features, efficient cookie management, and excellent customer support make it a top choice for website owners aiming to navigate the complexities of data privacy regulations. For more detailed insights, visit the following sources:


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