Cheq: Your Digital Shield Against Click Fraud

2. Dec 2023


Introduction: In the digital realm, click fraud is an invisible adversary, silently siphoning off ad budgets. Cheq (formerly Clickcease)* stands at the forefront of this battle, offering a robust and intelligent solution to safeguard your digital investments. Let’s uncover how Cheq is revolutionizing click fraud prevention.


The Click Fraud Conundrum:

Click fraud, a significant digital advertising challenge, involves unwanted clicks on PPC ads by non-genuine entities. This deceptive practice not only skews data but also rapidly depletes ad budgets. The eCommerce sector, for instance, confronts a loss of about $3.8 billion to click fraud, underscoring the urgency of this issue.


Cheq’s Proactive Approach:

Cheq Essentials redefines click fraud prevention. Seamlessly integrating with websites and major ad platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, Cheq vigilantly monitors traffic and clicks. This ensures a fortified defense against fraudulent activities.


Cheq’s Dual Defense Strategy:

Cheq employs a two-fold defense mechanism:

  1. HTML code integration on websites.
  2. Synchronization with ad platform dashboards.

This comprehensive approach allows Cheq to scrutinize traffic and effectively neutralize fraudulent clicks, optimizing ad spend.


Harnessing Advanced Technologies:

Cheq leverages state-of-the-art cybersecurity and machine learning to identify and isolate invalid audience segments. This strategy is pivotal in preventing fraudulent clicks from impacting your ad budget.



Cheq is an indispensable ally in the digital advertising arena. Its forward-thinking, technology-centric approach not only secures your ad budget but also ensures that your marketing efforts resonate with genuine audiences. With Cheq, step into the digital advertising world with confidence, knowing your investments are well-protected.


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