1. Aug 2023

Tracify – The Tracking & Attribution Software for eCommerce

For online stores, tracking customer interactions is essential to analyze marketing channels and increase revenue. As a tracking & attribution software, optimizes these processes.

The AI-based software enables granular tracking and attribution models to evaluate customer behavior and conversion paths holistically.

In the following, we take a look at how works and its benefits.

What is Tracify? is a tracking & attribution software based on artificial intelligence specifically developed for e-commerce.

The key features at a glance:

  • Tracking customer interactions on the website
  • Granular attribution models with AI
  • Analysis of all online touchpoints
  • Dashboards for channel performance
  • Automated tagging without code
  • Cross-channel customer journeys

This allows for optimal analysis of marketing channels and the purchase process in the online store.

The benefits of delivers significant value especially through:

  • Improved visibility of all customer interactions
  • Precise attribution of conversions to channels
  • Identification of the most important marketing channels
  • Optimization of advertising budgets
  • Increase in conversion rate
  • Analysis of all online touchpoints
  • AI for more accurate attribution than standard models

The comprehensive tracking and attribution analysis allows channels to be used more effectively and revenue increased.

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AI for more precise attribution

The core of is the AI-based attribution. The software analyzes all customer interactions using machine learning and derives precise attribution across channels.

Unlike standard models like last-click or multi-touch, the AI enables more accurate, non-linear weighting of all touchpoints.

Automated tagging without code automatically tags all pages of the online store to track interactions. This is done automatically without manual intervention.

Additionally, custom events or parameters can be configured as well. For example, product pages, categories or campaigns can be tracked.

Customer Journey Attribution

A particular strength of is attribution across different channels. For example, the following customer journeys can be analyzed:

  • Social media campaign > Newsletter > Website visit > Purchase
  • Organic search > Ad click > Product search > Purchase

This visualizes interdependencies between online and offline channels.

Conclusion is a powerful tracking & attribution software that analyzes marketing channels granularly. AI enables highly accurate attribution of conversions.

Online stores can thus optimize ad budgets, understand the customer journey, and increase revenue.

A demo version is available free of charge.

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