Funnelforms: The WordPress Form Plugin That Makes Dynamic Forms Easy

3. Jul 2023

Many companies still rely on outdated and static forms that struggle to create a positive customer experience. Today, it’s easier than ever to create a personalized and targeted funnel. With powerful software like Funnelforms, you can quickly create an interactive request form in WordPress that dynamically responds to your users’ input. This way, you can generate significantly more high-quality leads without any additional effort.

In this article, we explain how you can revolutionize your forms and build an efficient funnel website. This will not only increase the number of your inquiries, but will ultimately help you close them successfully.

What is Funnelforms?

Classic inquiry forms on the web are mostly static in structure. This means that it does not matter for the further questions and content which input a user has previously made. Funnelforms, on the other hand, is an interactive request form for WordPress that can make up for exactly this disadvantage. This is because, depending on what information is entered, the further queries adapt dynamically. For example, if a user selects that they don’t own a car, then the form won’t later ask what car insurance they have.

But Funnelforms offers even more options for improving the customer experience. For example, selection blocks, free text, sliders, and other handy features are also possible to further perfect the experience. You can use a dynamic form to target the information you need without wasting your users’ time. So both sides benefit – Funnelforms itself talks about up to 377% higher conversion rate.

What is a sales funnel?

A funnel is a popular tool from sales to visualize and ultimately better influence the decision-making process of customers. This is because a customer goes through several steps before a successful sale is made. The number of potential customers decreases after each step, because they may lose interest or not be able to afford the purchase. This process can be beautifully illustrated by a funnel with usually five steps.

First, attention must be gained and then a concrete interest must be created. This is followed by an initial contact with the product and a concrete offer negotiation. In the last step, the only thing left to do is to close the deal or place the order. Visually, the funnel thus represents how a comparatively large number of leads becomes smaller and smaller until the purchase is concluded. A good inquiry form can map all of these steps and help you successfully expand the sales funnel.

Funnelforms Sales

What are the features of Funnelforms?

So, the goal of any good inquiry form or conversion tool is to lead as many users as possible to close the sale. It helps you to build a targeted funnel website to minimize the losses in the decision process and increase the conversion rate.

For this, Funnelforms can provide you with many practical features:

  • Single and multiple choice: These often form the basis of any form. You can create predefined answers as well as icons and images as answer choices to further increase the interactive value.
  • Text line and area: In such free text fields, users can provide personal information. The text line is suitable, for example, to query the name, the text area even allows multi-line responses, which can also be optionally limited.
  • Slider and dropdown: Other interactive elements can be sliders and dropdown menus, which further facilitate users the quick input. This allows predefined number ranges and longer selection lists to be packaged in a visually appealing way.
  • Date: Often, the delivery time also plays an important role when closing a sale. This function asks the user for a specific date, for example, to be able to record preferences for delivery times or deadlines.
  • Further functions: Equally powerful functions are the file upload, the input of a concrete address thanks to Google Maps, an uncomplicated appointment booking with all popular calendar programs and the embedding of HTML content for further personalization.


But Funnelforms is already working on many new useful features. Artificial intelligence is expected to help with fast form creation later, and the roadmap also lists other features such as analytics, price calculator, PDF generator and CMS functions for 2023.

What are the pros and cons of Funnelforms?

As with any software or plug-in, there are of course some pros and cons to weigh against each other. Funnelforms is an excellent choice for WordPress websites to be able to create dynamic request forms quickly and easily by themselves.


  • Clear dashboard with meaningful statistics
  • Fast and uncomplicated operation thanks to drag-and-drop
  • Integrations to more than 5,000 different tools
  • 24/7 support available at all times for questions and issues
  • No visitor limit or no form limit
  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android


  • Only works with WordPress websites
  • Only really necessary for creating complex request forms
  • Possible overlap with functions of an existing CRM system


What alternatives are there for Funnelforms?

There are some attractive alternatives that have been successful in the market for a long time. For example, one popular provider is Smashleads, which is not limited to WordPress. It allows customers to quickly and easily create an interactive request form on other content management systems as well. But Smashleads limits the number of possible users/leads and costs far more than Funnelforms.

Another provider is Heyflow, which also allows the creation of an interactive inquiry form. The operation here is similarly simple, and the software also works for websites without WordPress – this allows for versatile use. However, when it comes to price and limits, Heyflow also sets clear limits and cannot compete with Funnelforms’ offer. Note, however, that due to the different functions and services, a direct comparison is only possible to a limited extent.

Conclusion – Create dynamic request forms with Funnelforms

Nowadays, it is imperative to make inquiry, order and survey forms interactive and dynamic to be able to enhance the user experience. Especially in classic e-commerce, high-quality leads can be generated in this way and sales success can be significantly increased. Both customers and providers benefit from the use of an interactive request form that respects users’ time and creates the best conditions for a successful conclusion.

Funnelforms’ powerful WordPress plugin allows you to create responsive and dynamic forms within minutes. Thanks to easy drag-and-drop and many customization options, you only need to ask for the information that is actually relevant. Due to the high performance and low price, the software is often the first choice for WordPress websites. The free version allows you a first insight, here you can download it!

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