Fully Automated Accounting with PayJoe

3. Dec 2023


E-commerce businesses today face the challenge of managing complex accounting tasks due to diverse sales channels and marketplaces. With the evolution of customer payment preferences, businesses need to adapt flexibly. However, the sale of goods via channels like Amazon and eBay brings a significant accounting workload. This is where PayJoe comes into play, offering a solution to these challenges by automating accounting processes, thus saving time and resources.

What is PayJoe?

PayJoe serves as the perfect interface between payment providers and accounting systems, aiming for fully automated accounting. In e-commerce, numerous sales platforms result in a multitude of payment flows that need individual processing for proper accounting. PayJoe creates individual transactions from collective amounts, supplementing them with necessary billing information. This allows for easy and automatic transfer of incoming payments, refunds, charges, and disbursement amounts to accounting software.

The Challenge Without PayJoe

Before PayJoe, payment reconciliation was a significant time-waster. The multitude of online orders across different e-commerce platforms complicated record-keeping. Marketplace transactions, varying payment methods, and the need to reconcile payment cycles into the accounting system posed a major challenge. Manual processing of payment data from providers like Amazon and Klarna often led to errors and incorrect reconciliations.

How PayJoe Solves This Problem

PayJoe converts collective debit entries into individual transactions, enriched with missing document information for accounting. It allows for the assignment and posting of hundreds of individual items with just one click. The tool’s compatibility with existing payment providers and accounting software facilitates an automated open item reconciliation through identical invoice numbers.

PayJoe Integration in Odoo

Connecting PayJoe to Odoo involves using the German FinTS standard for bank data retrieval. While Odoo doesn’t support FinTS, its architecture allows for bank connection extensions. PayJoe’s integration into Odoo is straightforward, allowing for customization of transferred data for each transaction. This ensures proper balance maintenance and successful automatic reconciliation.

The Solution with PayJoe

Accounting in Odoo becomes more efficient with PayJoe. The tool allows for adjustments to ensure that all payment purposes are transferred correctly. The automatic reconciliation feature of Odoo standard is used to match incoming payments, invoices, and account data with the data received from PayJoe. This successful connection enables fully automated accounting using the PayJoe tool.


PayJoe offers a robust solution for e-commerce businesses struggling with complex accounting tasks. Its integration with systems like Odoo simplifies the accounting process, making it more efficient and error-free. For businesses looking to automate their accounting and streamline their financial processes, PayJoe presents an invaluable tool.

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