Streamlining Reselling Business with Lexoffice, Billbee & Payjoe

3. Dec 2023


Managing the accounting and operations of a reselling business can be complex and time-consuming. However, the right combination of tools like Lexoffice, Billbee, and Payjoe not only simplifies this process but also automates it, leading to significant time savings and increased efficiency.


Lexoffice: Accounting and Financial Management

  • Main Functions: Lexoffice is an accounting software designed specifically for small business owners and freelancers, enabling efficient management of accounting tasks.
  • Bank Account Integration: The software can be linked with bank accounts to automatically import and categorize transactions.


Billbee: Order and Inventory Management

  • Main Functions: Billbee is an order and inventory management tool tailored for online retailers and resellers.
  • Integration with Sales Platforms: It seamlessly integrates with platforms like eBay to automatically import and process orders.
  • Automating Invoices and Delivery Notes: Through integration with Lexoffice, Billbee can automatically create invoices and delivery notes for each order.


Payjoe: Payment Flow Management

  • Main Functions: Payjoe specializes in managing payment flows, focusing on automating payment transactions.
  • Integration with Payment Platforms: It connects with platforms like PayPal and Stripe, transferring payments automatically to the user’s bank account.
  • Synchronization with Lexoffice: Payjoe transfers payment information directly into the Lexoffice accounting software.


Collaboration Summary

The integration of Lexoffice, Billbee, and Payjoe enables an automated workflow from order to accounting. This not only simplifies the management of reselling businesses but also provides a transparent overview of finances and inventory.



By combining these three powerful tools, small business owners and resellers can significantly simplify their business processes and become more efficient. This allows them to focus on growing their business while optimizing accounting and management.

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