Lexoffice vs. Sevdesk vs. Buchhaltungsbutler

3. Jul 2023

Nowadays, modern accounting software can make business operations much easier and thus significantly increase efficiency in everyday life. However, the practical software not only comprehensively covers the area of bookkeeping, but also supports you in writing offers and issuing invoices quickly. All this often happens almost automatically and allows self-employed persons and employees to concentrate more on their essential tasks.

There are now many different providers of powerful accounting software, so a prior comparison is almost mandatory. In this article, we present you with a direct comparison of three of the most popular products: lexoffice, sevDesk and the Buchhaltungsbutler.


A comparison of automatic accounting systems

Accounting and software are by no means new areas here; after all, corresponding products have been around for 30 years or more. But in the course of ever-increasing digitalisation, even an acquisition for the self-employed and small businesses makes absolute sense nowadays. Because thanks to Cloud & Co. it usually requires neither a local installation nor high investment costs.

When making a comparison, it is particularly important to pay attention to the following points:

  • Large range of functions for all application purposes
  • Easy to use without long learning curve
  • Low and transparent monthly costs
  • High scalability and flexibility
  • Helpful customer service in German


The right accounting software must, of course, fulfil many other requirements that can be of decisive importance for you personally. It can therefore be extremely important to compare all products and providers in advance. We can help you with this!


Why are automated accounting systems so important?

In recent years, many areas have benefited from digitalisation. This undoubtedly includes bookkeeping, which is now easier than ever for even non-professionals. This is because modern accounting software can automate many processes while easily complying with all legal requirements. What used to require a long training period, a trained accountant and possibly additional legal advice, the software now does all by itself.

Powerful products such as lexoffice, sevDesk and Buchhaltungsbutler not only cover the area of accounting, but also assist you with merchandise management or CRM. Through continuous improvements and enhancements, the providers optimise the entire business process in your company. Ultimately, you benefit from a cost-effective solution that saves considerable working time and streamlines processes.


Accounting software paper


lexoffice vs. sevDesk vs. accounting butler in comparison

Three of the most popular products in Germany are lexoffice, sevDesk and Buchhaltungsbutler, namely they fulfil all the important (legal) requirements for modern accounting software. In principle, they can all be recommended without hesitation, but differences may arise with regard to your personal requirements.



The company behind the popular lexoffice software is the manufacturer Lexware. This is why it is sometimes referred to as Lexware Accountant, although nowadays the software is capable of much more than just bookkeeping.


Scope of functions

The wide range of functions is one of the strengths of this practical accounting software, because it now covers many additional areas in everyday business life as well. This includes, of course, all functions for flawless bookkeeping, but also other aspects around invoicing, dunning and even a separate access for tax advisors, which facilitates the cooperation with your tax advisor.

The other practical function packages include comprehensive customer and supplier management to be able to maintain relationships even better. It almost resembles an independent CRM system – depending on your requirements, you could even do without a separate solution altogether. Lexoffice also offers connections to all popular e-commerce systems such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware and many more.



With regard to the operation, the accounting software from Lexware can also convince all around. The interface is modern and sensibly designed, so a long search is usually not necessary. The dashboard is particularly practical, showing you all account balances, payments, income and expenses at a glance.

Furthermore, you can easily photograph and automatically archive receipts with the practical app, and you can even create and sign offers on the tablet. Lexoffice also has a mini-app for the popular Apple Watch to give its customers an overview of their finances at all times.



Lexware relies on four different packages with a transparent monthly fee. Depending on the range of functions you need, you pay between €5.90 and €24.90 per month (all prices plus VAT). The provider does not offer longer terms at all, so all packages can be cancelled monthly and do not require a long-term commitment to the product.

In the second ordering step, the optional function for wages and salaries can be added, which can cover up to 50 employees. For two employees this costs 9.90 € per month, for 50 employees the monthly price then climbs to 169.90 €. Only when the additional package is added can the accounting software create legally compliant payroll accounting.



Another attractive option is sevDesk Accounting, which can help you with an efficient workflow. The eponymous company behind it is one of the newer providers and was only founded in 2013 as SEVENIT GmbH, before changing its name to sevDesk in 2019.



In terms of functions, the software focuses predominantly on invoices, accounting and merchandise management. So this offering should also meet most requirements without any problems. It helps you create and track invoices, with ongoing bookkeeping including cost centre management and cash accounting.

Just like lexoffice, sevDesk also offers a practical connection to the tax advisor, which can simplify cooperation considerably. The functions offered are perfectly planned down to the smallest detail and sensibly integrated into the product, even if the breadth of coverage is somewhat less than that of the competition. After all, sevDesk can also score last with integrations to all important e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay or to systems such as Shopify, WIX and WooCommerce.


sevDesk can inspire with a visually appealing design and displays all important areas already on the start page. Of course, this includes a clear dashboard and many practical subcategories that make navigation very easy. Receipts, payments, documents and much more can be found quickly in this way.

In addition, sevDesk also enables accounting on the smartphone, whether iOS or Android. Many functions can therefore be accessed at any time while on the move, including quotations and invoices as well as the entire contact management.



On the cost side, the modern accounting software offers an incredibly high degree of customisation. To begin with, there are three different packages with monthly costs ranging from €11.90 to €54.90 euros, which can then be expanded with numerous add-ons. This allows for needs-based personalisation and a high degree of flexibility.

In addition, long-term contracts can be concluded, which can significantly reduce the monthly costs. If you find after the first few months that sevDesk has convinced you, you can save a lot of money later on with a 24-month contract.


Accounting Butler

This practical accounting software is also becoming increasingly popular. The company of the same name behind it has been active since 2015 and has already won many satisfied customers.


Scope of functions

The accounting butler fulfils all the important functions that you need in everyday business. Automated bookkeeping, rapid creation of invoices, offers & credit notes and an extensive rights management for additional employees are among the many advantages of the software.

But it is mainly the forward-looking automation thanks to which the accounting butler wants to stand out from the competition. Functions such as AI-supported voucher recognition and voucher matching as well as in-depth integrations with other tools allow for an efficient workflow. Another highlight is the many options for use in e-commerce. Accounting Butler even offers a customised, but chargeable package for this.


As a comparatively young product, the accounting software is of course also up to date in terms of operation. The clear structure offers users a perfect insight into all monetary business processes of the company, but unfortunately you have to do without an app for mobile devices.

However, the operation is made considerably easier by the aforementioned functions. Receipts can be entered smartly and digitally, and the system creates invoices within seconds. Everything is designed to cover as many processes as possible in the shortest possible time and with minimal input. Automation is the absolute focus of this programme.


In terms of costs, Buchhaltungsbutler offers four packages, the cheapest of which costs €19.95 on a monthly basis. The most expensive package with all functions is unfortunately only available as an annual package from €79.95 per month, but all versions can be tested completely free of charge and without obligation for 14 days.

-There is a whole range of add-ons available for a fee, which you can add if required. These include interfaces to other service providers, additional users and an increase in the monthly number of receipts that the system can process.


Comparison table

Software lexoffice sevDesk AccountingButler
Feature ++ + ++
Operation + ++ ++
Costs ++ ++ +

Summary – How to choose the right accounting software

Our comparison can give you a good first overview of the available products and make the decision much easier. In the end, however, you must of course also take your own requirements into account in order to find the right accounting software. So, in addition, compare which functions are important to you personally and how the cost structure can be affected accordingly.

Of course, there are possibilities to test all programmes free of charge in advance. Here you can test lexoffice for 30 days – sevDesk also offers a free trial. You can also test the accounting butler for 14 days if you follow this link.

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